The Mas Bes workshop is where we make our craft products using traditional methods. You can buy our products in the Mas Bes Farm Shop and in other select establishments in the province of Girona. All of us in the Viñolas family roll up our sleeves to make the products with our own hands. Like it’s always been done at home.

Craft Products

Fresh Angus beef

Tender, juicy, smooth with the flavour of real beef. That’s the Angus beef of our workshop. A pleasure for all overs of local produce and good meat.

Dairy products

We at Mas Bes are a milk cow farm. With raw materials of both quality and purity we produce dairy products in our workshop. Much more than local products.

Ice creams

In the Mas Bes workshop we make up to 11 ice creams of different flavours, all from the milk of our cows. Creamy and with totally natural ingredients.

Flavours: Hazelnut, Nougat, Vanilla, Lemon, Strawberry, Mango, Ratafia, Chocolate, Sugar free Chocolate, Creamy Yogurt and Yogurt with berries.

Farm eggs

Farm eggs of the laying hens of Mas Bes.


At the Mas Bes workshop we prepare 2 types of local craft patisserie products. The milk from our cows is a guarantee of natural, quality produce.


Traditional roast cannelloni direct from our workshop. Made from Mas Bes Angus beef roast and  Duroc pork. We make the bechamel from the milk of our cows. We also have the option of making cannelloni without bechamel.


With the collaboration with our colleagues at Licores Portet we make Mas Bes ratafia. The herb liqueur par excellence of our land.


Season of celebrations and family. At Mas Bes we celebrate Christmas by making 3 varieties of chocolate nougat.

How do we make the craft products?

In the Mas Bes Workshop we prepare the products traditionally. Using milk from our cows as raw material and with all the family taking part. Like it’s always been done at home.

With our own or local raw materials.
Using traditional recipes.
With the traditional flavour.

Where to find Mas Bes produce

You can find all the Mas Bes craft products in the farm shop.
They are also available at the following establishments: